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Below are various projects that I have been involved in or am currently working on. These range from organizing events or conferences to compositions and animations. I hope that you get a sense of the variety of my interests. This page is also an active effort to showcase that I and many other artists are involved and engaged in a multitude of projects and cases beyond what their assigned role in an industry/industries might be. 

BodyVoices 2015 Logo



President, Attitude Dance Society

Attitude Dance Society is a student-led group at NYU Abu Dhabi that is committed to bringing the dance community on campus together. The group organizes dance classes taught by professionals from Abu Dhabi and an end-of-semester recital. I was the president of the second generation of leadership for the group. In 2015 we were able to significantly expand our outreach and brought together 250 people to watch the recital in the West Forum on campus. 

Currently (in 2018) the group is led by the sixth generation of student leaders. Over the years, the leaders of Attitude were able to expand the number and genres of dance classes and also to host the recital in the Black Box Theater of the NYUAD Arts Center, as well as for last year (December 2017) to organize the recital in the Red Theater with approximately 400 audience members.

Attitude Dance Society Logo
Co-Chair, Body Voices 2015

Body Voices is an annual dance conference that invites international scholars and professionals to share their experience through academic presentations, dance workshops, panel discussions and student performances.

Together with a team of friends, I organized the inaugural Body Voices conferences titled: Reimagining Culture, Community and Politics. I gave the introductory speech for the conference and moderated the second panel discussion together with Sofia Gomez-Doyle. 

The conference is now led by the fourth generation of students at NYU Abu Dhabi.

For more information about Body Voices and current updates on the status of this project, please visit our website .

Animation of Ants

I created this animation when I was working on the Suzan-Lori Parks play Sou'wester. In the play, ants come racing in and carry the child away from the mother. In order to create the illusion of real ants, I made the animation below. During the showing, the mother laid in front of a hanging piece of fabric behind which the child was moving. It was lit from the back so that only the shadow of the child was visible. The animation was projected onto the fabric.

Before this point, I have never created an animation and was not familiar with After Effects. I learned how to use the program and made the animation in 48 hours. The quality of the video underneath is poor, due to the limited file size that can be uploaded.


How Movement Makes Meaning
Teaching Assistant

As Teaching Assistant for the J-Term class at NYU Abu Dhabi, I worked together with Prof. Debra Levine. While my responsibilities were varied, I was put in charge of the online book the class created in the period of two weeks. The students in the class generated the text, images, and videos on the website. In collaboration with Leslie Gray, I then curated the make-up of the final book. We worked on creating a cohesive order and giving the reader the opportunity to see the wide scope of activities the class took part in. We also worked on an overall shared visual aesthetic in the book. I also maintained the website on which the students uploaded their assignments and media for the duration of the trip. 

How Movemet Makes Meaning Tome Book


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