About Me

I am a multidisciplinary artist who is constantly deepening and expanding his craft.


My passion lies in music and theater. I am trained as a classical singer and have practiced theater primarily through directing and acting. However, my abilities go far beyond my artistic practice and in the last four years, I have intentionally striven to become an artist who is also a producer and administrator. 


As a DIRECTOR I am fascinated with the moments that suspend us, that bring the audience as well as the performer in a state of liminality. My questions center around the moments right before we make decisions. These moments that are full of potential and opportunity. 



As a SINGER, I am a looking for ways to explore my voice and its abilities. I am invested in continuing my classical training, as well as learning about new vocal traditions, such as Carnatic singing.


A relatively new interest of mine is in the recording and producing arts. Working with musicians to record and produce songs has stricken a chord and I am trying to see what kind of future awaits me on that path.